LifeWords Journal: Monday, February 12

Welcome to the grand opening of the new Life with Sally membership site!  We’re so thankful you’ve joined us here for encouragement, inspiration, and connection! We’ll be your guides to the site each month with highlights of the new content, announcements for members, and previews of upcoming new content! 

The first thing you’ll always find on the Life with Sally Members Home page is the “What’s New” grid. It will always include eight boxes: (1) a LifeNow Video by Sally, (2) this LifeWords Journal post, (3-6) four new Inspiration talks, (7) one new Legacy talk, and (8) the More Life box with additional new and recommended content. You’ll never get lost if you start here! So let’s get started.


INSPIRATIONS: From the Living Art area, we’ll learn about Schubert and the quality of sincerity as Terri and Sally discuss his life and compositions during the Romantic Period. From the Living Books area, Jaime continues our author study this month by introducing us to George MacDonald. Whether you are new to MacDonald’s life and work or not, Jaime shares a wealth of information and great books for all ages! From the Bible for Life area, Sally continues her reflections from Hebrews sharing about heroes of the faith and the story of Asa. She guides us through examining our hearts and looking at love and goodness. “Morality isn’t just about doing good, but about loving goodness. From the love of goodness will come the doing of goodness.” Finally, as you prepare for Valentine’s Day and celebrating love with your family and friends, be sure to try Sarah’s recipe for homemade scones. A wonderful treat for a tea time.

LEGACY: In this inspiring talk about leadership, Sally asks the question, “How might God use you?” Whether you lead a small group of women, lead in the workplace, or are leading your children at home, God calls us as women to live into our capacity to influence others for Christ and his kingdom through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

MORE LIFE: Always check the More Life box. We're still working on a number of the content areas of the site, so always take a look here for new suggestions.


Forum: We’re excited to announce that a member forum is coming! We’re calling it the LifeLines Forum, a place just for members to create lines of connection with other lifegiving women from all over the world and discuss what you’re learning on Life with Sally.

Storytime: Keep an eye on Family Storytime in the Resources section. Clay will be trying his hand (and voice) at selected readings from books out of the Clarkson’s legacy of library of 500 or so antiquarian books from 1860-1920. Once he gets past the inertia of learning how to live in the UK this spring, this will become an ongoing project for Life with Sally.

Coming Soon!: And, of course, the truest announcement of “inside life” is Sarah’s first baby (and Sally and Clay’s first grandchild) due early in March. Sally leaves for the UK tomorrow for the “welcome to the world” celebration, and to help the new mom. Clay will join them later in March. Keep them all in your prayers!


In the coming months, you’ll hear from Clay and Sally about their newest book with Tyndale, The Lifegiving Parent, which officially releases on May 1. We’ll continue to learn from Holly, Jaime, and Terri about composers and authors, including Beatrix Potter, Louisa May Alcott, Mendelssohn, and Brahms. Sally will be sharing about “Renewing Your Home and Giving Peace through Discipleship.”

Next month, we’ll start to include coming features by our team of Inspirers. There’s so much we have planned, but we’re just getting the wheels turning to move this site down the tracks. It’s going to be a great journey together.

* * *

That’s it for the first LifeWords Journal post. We look forward to keeping you plugged into all the life that will be happening on Life with Sally.

Living in His life,

Gretchen and Jennie