LifeWords Journal: June 1, 2018

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What an exciting May we had with the launch of The Lifegiving Parent!  There were giveaways, the special guests podcast series (At Home with Sally, Episodes #150-163),  and so many friends sharing their favorite quotes or ideas from the book.  Thank you to those of you who participated on the Launch Team and helped get the word out.  We couldn't have done it without you.  Sally's eye injury is finally starting to slowly heal and we are so grateful to the Lord who brought many of you to launch the book when she couldn't.

And now it's June!  Can you believe that 2018 is almost halfway finished?  Wow!  Sometimes I think the changing seasons are God's way of reminding us to number our days with intention and prayer.  We have another batch of wonderful new content for you this month.



This month, we are sharing a talk from Sally entitled Living and Learning Together at Home.  Though the focus of this talk is home education, it also contains much valuable inspiration for those of you looking to enrich your child's outside-the-home classroom education.  We know you'll love it.


We have a special video for you this month.  Before Sally left for England, she and Holly (from Storyformed) recorded a short video discussing illustrator Eloise Wilkin and why illustration matters when we choose books for our children.  

Any picture books enthusiasts out there?  Storyformed is teaching us about Robert McCloskey's life and work.  

As we continue our visual arts series, Kristen shares about one of her and our favorite artists, Vincent Van Gogh.  We know you'll be fascinated to hear a bit more about his life and process of creating art.  

Sally continues the Hebrews study this month.  It's been encouraging to hear about many heroes of faith and their personal struggles and triumphs.

Inside our Ministering section, we have some wonderful, very short videos for you so that you can minister effectively to the women around you.  This month, Ginger has two video tips- one about Regret and another about Remembrances.  Both are things you can use with your own family, Mom Heart group, or even in your circle of friends.  There are easy ways to love the people that God brings into your life.

Brandee will be back next month with a new cooking lesson.  She continues to adjust to a new season of life as her daughter, Marissa, is receiving almost daily treatment and therapies as she recovers from her car accident.  But, we have a recipe from the Lifegiving Table:  Lots of Lemon Blueberry Cake.  And let me tell you, it's a delicious one!  Gretchen recently made it for her family and took some photos along the way.  You can easily print the PDF and insert into a page protector so that you can make this again and again.  It freezes beautifully and is a perfect treat to pull out for an after-school snack, one-on-one tea time, or poetry time with your children.


Don't miss the 7-day devotional that Clay wrote especially for you and the Launch Team.  It is meant to accompany the Lifegiving Parent.  


In the coming months, we will continue our composer and visual art studies as well as the author study from Storyformed.  Look for Jane Austen, Vaugh Willams, the D'Aulaires and more.  Sally is going to begin a new series for the summer as she returns to the U.S.  The Legacy talks in the next few months will be inspiring as they all focus specifically on motherhood and becoming a lifegiving mother.  A perfect compliment to the Lifegiving Parent!  

* * *

We are praying for you as you walk out your life with God in your families and individual circumstances.  Thank you for being a part of our community here.  

(The Forum really is coming- just trying to get the last details worked out... stay tuned!)

Living in His life,

Gretchen and Jennie