LifeWords Journal: August 1, 2018

Hi, Friends!

It's August!  We are wrapping up our first full year at Life with Sally and we are so honored that you have joined us here to learn, be inspired, grow, and rest.  We pray that each month there has been something that has resonated with your spirit and has caused you to follow God more fully.  We look forward to all the new and wonderful things we have to share with you as we wrap up 2018.  

This month is PACKED with inspirational content.



This month, we are sharing part three of a series from Sally about Lifegiving Motherhood.  This series is a perfect compliment to The Lifegiving Parent book and the Mission of Motherhood podcast series that Sally is currently sharing on At Home with Sally.

Motherhood: Giving Life through Your Home


Author Study: Jane Austen

NEW Bible Study: Introduction to Proverbs

Recipe:  Video Tutorial for Pasta Salad with Thai Sauce

Visual Arts: Mary Cassatt

Leadership: Mom Heart Leader Training #1


Mini-Retreat and Back-to-School Self Care


We are very excited about what is coming as we wrap up 2018 and head into 2019.  One special talk is from the London Mum Heart conference in March 2018 that we were privileged to attend.  We will continue with art, music, and books from our Inspirers as well as diving deeply into Proverbs and applying God's wisdom to our lives.   Next month, there is a great video from Sally and her lovely daughters, Sarah and Joy, about living intentionally and cultivating friendship.

* * *

There are some great conversations about books and mothering happening in the Forum.  Come join us there.  We have loved getting to know some of you as you share about your children, struggles, and daily lives and we look forward to meeting some of you in person at the Girls Club Conferences in February of 2019.  We are planning a special gathering time just for members at each conference.

Thanks again for being a part of this very special community.  

Living in His life,

Jennie and Gretchen