LifeWords Journal: September 1, 2018

Hello, Friends!

It's September!  We will welcome autumn this month in the northern hemisphere. We hope you will settle in with cooler temperatures and enjoy all of the new content!

As we wrap up our first full year at Life with Sally, we want to thank you for joining us here!  Our prayer is that you are inspired through the content and encouraged through the membership and forum. We look forward to all the new and wonderful things we have to share with you as we begin our second year!  

This month is full of inspirational content for you!  And you can always go back to access previous months' content too!



This month, we are sharing the final message of the four part series from Sally about Lifegiving Motherhood.  This series is a perfect compliment to The Lifegiving Parent book and the Ministry of Motherhood Podcast Series that Sally is currently sharing on At Home with Sally.

Motherhood: Receiving Life from the Lifegiver


Storyformed:  As we begin a new school year, books and booklists are on our minds. We have a History and Biography Booklist for you this month. You can read a short review of each book about different periods of history. There are book selections from picture book elementary age through high school.

Bible Study: Sally is sharing Proverbs Part 2 this month. This is a great series for the entire family as you discuss wisdom and truth together. There are also scripture memory coloring pages from Proverbs for you to print for your children (or yourself.)

Recipe:  Brandee has a great video tutorial and recipe for you this month for Turkey Burgers!  Enjoy this delicious meal with your family and friends!  As a bonus she included a Mango-Pineapple Salsa Recipe to accompany the burgers!

Composer:   Sally and Teri are discussing Antonio Vivaldi this month. We hope you enjoy studying his work and learning about the character quality of resourcefulness.


Girls' Club with Sally, Sarah, & Joy

Mom Heart Leadership Training with Jacqui Wakelam

Forgiveness & Identity with Ginger Pattee


We are very excited about what is coming as we move into the last quarter of 2018 and head into 2019.  Sally will be sharing a couple of Legacy messages about Renewal, and we will continue with art, music, and books from our Inspirers.  We will continue to study Proverbs and pursue God's wisdom through His Word.   Next month a special talk is coming to membership from the London Mum Heart conference in March 2018 that we were thankfully able to attend. 

* * *

There are some great connections being made and conversations about books and mothering in the Forum.  Come join us there.  We have loved getting to know some of you as you share about your children, struggles, and daily lives and we look forward to meeting some of you in person at the Girls Club Conferences in February of 2019.  We are planning a special gathering time just for members at each conference. Jennie will be attending the Dallas Conference, and I (Gretchen) will be in Raleigh. Registration will be opening soon!

Thanks again for being a part of this very special community.  

Living in His life,

Gretchen and Jennie