LifeWords Journal: July 1, 2019

Hello, Friends!

Summer is fully upon us now with its heat, swimming pools, and a little bit of extra time to dream and play.  Are you taking some moments to enjoy being outside and spending more time with your children?

Each month of new content is such a gift to us and we are excited to share it with you.  This month has the next part of the Leadership Intensive videos from Sally as well as an exclusive musical gift from her son, Joel.



Did you enjoy part one of Sally's Leadership Intensive Series?  This month, we bring you part two.  This series will continue through most of 2019 with these special videos that have never been shared anywhere else.


Friends, Joel Clarkson is releasing his newest album today, Story Book Soundscapes! To celebrate his new album release, we’re giving you an exclusive track only available to Life With Sally subscribers! 

Bible Study: Sally teaches us from the book of Proverbs this month with part ten, all about work.

Book Review:  Lynn Custer is sharing a review of a children's book that will enable your children to consider their uniqueness.

Recipe:  Brandee does it again with Mock Ceviche!  (Someone get this woman a cooking show, please!)  

Composer Studies:  We take a break from our composer study this month to bring you a special audio presentation from Terri Moon in which she shares about the importance of music and some tips about how to handle music lessons for yourself and your children.  This is a practical and inspiring talk!

Leadership:  Ginger shares a video about letting go after we've loved hard.


STAY TUNED: We will continue our video series of teachings from Sally's Leadership Intensive.  

* * *

Thank you for being a member of Life with Sally! We hope you are encouraged through the messages and content! Please stay connected with us in the forum and join the conversations happening there.

Praying for God's peace and joy to fill your heart today!

Living in His life,

Gretchen and Jennie