If you’re new to Life with Sally, or just wanting to know the best way to get around the site, let us give you nine great tips to get you started.

  1. LifeNow with Sally: Each month, Sally will offer a fresh, new video in the “What’s New” panel to welcome you and to provide shout-outs to the Inspirers who are featured in the new content for that month. Start every month with Sally!
  2. LifeWords Journal: Then, read the newest Journal entry. Jennie and Gretchen, the site Admins, will keep you up to date on what’s new for the month, why it’s interesting, and how it can help you. The Journal will also include special news, announcements, insights, and more.
  3. What’s New: Now, move on to check out the next five “What’s New for You This Month” boxes. Each one will be fresh, new content added to the website for that month from the four content sections that follow on the Home page.
  4. And More Life: The final “What’s New” box will take you to a “More Life” page with links to additional new content, as well as links to recommended archived content.
  5. Browse: Now you can begin to scroll down the page and look for the kind of content that will be of interest to you personally. This is the fun part of Life with Sally. Check out the subject categories in each of the four main content sections of the site: Inspiration, Legacy, Resources, and Connections.
  6. Search: As you get more confident on the site, you may want to search for content about a specific subject. Click on the “Search Life” button to try out the site Search page. You can create your own search criteria, or just click on one of the recommended searches. Easy.
  7. Download: Be sure to visit the “Notable Quotables” and “The Best of the Rest” pages. Those boxes are in the Resources section. You’ll find printable materials to give some life to your home, Sally’s podcast archives, lists and forms, and more. This page is always growing with new downloadable materials..
  8. Shop: If you want a good book to read but you’re not sure which of Sally’s to try, visit the Life with Sally Bookstore to learn more about each of her books.
  9. Connect: Now that you know your way around, head over to the LifeLines Forum and find, or start, a conversation. There’s lots to talk about, so join the discussion.

That should get you well into the Life with Sally website. We all look forward to getting to know you!