The Clarkson Kids Reflect

Enjoy this video interview of all four Clarkson kids and their thoughts about growing up in the Clarkson home.  It wasn't always easy to be the living exhibits of their parents' ideals and ministry, but be inspired as you hear how their wholehearted, lifegiving home and childhood continues to bless them into adulthood.  Moms, your hard work and intention are important!  Keep it up!  

As you heard in this video, the kids are all very busy and engaged in their areas.  Since they recorded this video in 2016, much has changed. 

Joy is busy working on her PhD in St. Andrews and recording a weekly podcast called Speaking with Joy.  Each week Joy explores three pieces of art (visual, literary, and musical) centered around a theme. You can find her at her website as well as on Instagram and Twitter.

Nathan has moved back to LA and is working in acting, singing and writing.  His most recent screenplay, The Not So Good Samaritan, will be coming to movie screens soon.   He has co-authored a new book for children based on his recent book, Different.  Find him on Instagram, where he shares moments from his wild and beautiful daily life or at his website.

Joel has joined Joy in Scotland where he is pursuing a master's in Theology and the Arts at St. Andrews.  A musician at heart, Joel continues to compose in many arenas.  He is also an acclaimed audiobook reader, for which he has received recognition including the recent release of Ember Rising, the third book in the The Green Ember trilogy.  Find him on Instagram or his website.

Since recording this, Sarah has married her dear Thomas and they have welcomed their first child, darling Lilian Joy.  (March 2018).  They reside in Oxford while Thomas finishes up his work there.  Sarah continues to write and has a new book coming out in September of 2018.  You can pre-order Book Girl here.  Follow her on Instagram or her website.