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life with Sally

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— Inspiration —

Breathing in the Best of God for Life


Get Inspired for Life

To be inspired is to "breathe in." Each Inspiration category is full of fresh spiritual oxygen to breathe into your spirit. Fill your soul so you can fill your children's hearts and minds with a love for God's best.

Bible Life

Sally's reflections and insights from personal Bible reading and study.


Thoughts on lifegiving mothering by Sally and other Inspirer moms.

Living Books

Storyformed children's books and stories with Holly, Jaime, and Sally.


Ministry to mothers and others with Ginger, Jacqui, and Sally.

Living arts

Journeys into beautiful music and art with Terri, Kristen, and Sally.


How to make and be a friend for life, with Sally, Sarah, and Joy.

lifegiving home

Secrets for making a lifegiving home and table with Brandee and Sally.


Ideas and helps for your home no matter your schooling choice.

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Meet Our Inspirers

Each of our inspiring and lifegiving friends comes to Life with Sally with a heart full of knowledge, insight, and experience to share with our members. As you get to know them, you'll soon be loving what they love.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 11.35.42 AM - SQ crop.jpg

sally clarkson

Lifegiving mom of 4, author, blogger, podcaster, speaker, Monument, CO

Holly Packiam - SQ crop 2.jpg

Holly Packiam director, HS mom of 4, pastor's wife, in Colorado Springs

Kristen Kill - crop.jpg

Kristen Kill

Author, blogger, podcaster, HS mom of 5, tech wife in beautiful Portland, OR

Ginger Pattee - SQ crop.jpg

Ginger pattee

Mom of many children, MH group leader, mentor to incarcerated moms in TX

Brandee Knowles - Sq crop-fix.jpg

brandee knowles

Mom Heart leader, MH group, lifegiving mom of 2, food arts, Monument, CO

Gretchen Roberts - SQ crop.jpg

gretchen roberts Admin, HS mom of 5, Mom Heart leader, pediatrician, NC coast

Misty Krasawski by Lisa Pennington v3 - fix.jpg

Misty Krasawski

Ass't to Sally, family NPO director, HS mom of 8, in quaint Franklin, TN

Jaime Showmaker.jpg

jaime showmaker, HS mom of 3, story lover, dreamer, in North Carolina

Terri Moon portrait - crop.jpg

Terri Moon

Volinist, instructor, mom of 4, lover of music and arts, in Colorado Springs

Jacqui Wakelam - SQ crop.jpg

jacqui wakelam

Mum Heart UK director, MH group leader, HS mom, photographer, London, UK

Jennie Nelson - Sq, fix.jpg

Jennie Nelson Admin, Mom Heart leader, mentor mom, HS mom of 3, in Idaho

2012-12-25 Boradmoor 01 crop fx1.jpg

Clay Clarkson

Lifegiving parent, author, teacher, speaker, director of WHM, songwriter

Coming Soon: Full profiles of all our INSPIRERS.

— Legacy —

Seasoned Faith and Wisdom for Life

2016-01-30 10.38.21.jpg

Enjoy the Best of Sally

LEGACY messages are found only on Life with Sally. Each category contains curated selections from Sally's many years of speaking and teaching. Most selections include a study guide and printables.  

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Please note: The six subject categories above enable us to organize Sally's many audio and video messages from over twenty years of ministry. However, there is more content on the site in each of the subject areas. Use the "Search Life" page to find additional content in those areas.

— ResourceS —

Heart and Hands-On Help for Life

juliette-leufke-154599 cropped 6x4.jpg

Find Helps for Life

Motherhood is like a long walk with your children on a mountain trail. You know you need to plan ahead for an enjoyable experience. We provide useful resources to help make it a more delightful journey.

Sally book talks

Select from a growing list of special series by Sally about her books such as 10 Gifts of Heart, Own Your Life, and others planned. Only here.

family storytime

Read-aloud Bible stories, nature tales, and more selected from the Clarkson legacy library of over 500 antiquarian books (1860-1920). Read by Clay.

Notable Quotables

One of the qualities of our lifegiving home is walls that are full of wisdom and Scripture. Print and display these posters to give life to your home.

the best of the rest


Like "that" drawer in your kitchen, this is a catchall for the best of the rest—Sally's podcast archive, forms, lists, learnables, printables, and more.

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— ConnectionS —

Friends, Fellowship, and Family for Life


Do Life Together

Solomon said, "two are better than one." When you connect and engage with other mothers on Life with Sally—comment, discuss, encourage, support—you're not just one of many, but one with many.


Connect on Life with Sally Forum. Interact with other lifegiving moms, ask questions, get answers, give input. Only on Life with Sally.


Connect with Sally and chat with other mothers in exclusive, seasonal live streamed webcasts. This is real time access to Sally and others.


What better way to enjoy other LIfe with Sally moms than at special events and meetups. Engage, coordinate, get together, connect.


Stay connected on Life with Sally Journalwhat's new and what's news, lifetalks, books, Inspirers, events, information, and more.

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