Composer Study: Frédéric Chopin

LWS Chopin Audio.jpg

Some Works to Enjoy

26 Preludes, Op. 28

12 Etudes, Op. 10

54 Mazurkas

This is a traditional Polish dance that became famous all over the world because of Chopin.

21 Nocturnes

7 Polonaises

This is a traditional Polish dance, and Chopin was the most famous composer of this form.

Piano Concerto No. 2 in F minor, Op. 21

Chopin wrote only 2 piano concertos, and these are mostly piano solos with orchestra accompaniment. This performance is by a young Polish pianist.

Recommended Reading for Children

This new book is a wonderful introduction to 11 different composers, including Chopin. In words and recordings, it follows the adventures of a little boy who can’t stand to practice the piano. He is transformed, as you will be, by the journey.

Recommended Books for High School and Adults

This book includes a listening CD that takes the reader through 15 of Chopin’s compositions and the stories behind how they were written. This would be a wonderful companion to any student learning to play Chopin’s music.