A New Song from Joel Clarkson


Friends, Joel is releasing his newest album today (July 1, 2019), Story Book Soundscapes! To celebrate his new album release, we’re giving you an exclusive track only available to Life With Sally subscribers! It’s an orchestral arrangement of one of Joel’s most beloved tracks from his first album, ‘Madeleine Peers Over the Edge,’ and has been completely remixed and rearranged to include a full orchestral accompaniment in addition to the original piano sounds. It’s absolutely stunning, and I know you’ll love it as much as I do. Joel’s new album, Story Book Soundscapes, includes a full album’s worth of music like this, sweeping symphonic sounds and beautiful piano accompaniment. Make sure to head over to Joel’s store and get your own digital download copy today: www.joelclarkson.com/store. Enjoy this beautiful music friends!